Veterans Park Project

The Papillion Community Foundation is thrilled to be hard at work on the coming Veteran’s Park. Check back here as we release more information on the park and how you can be part of the project. In the meantime, please look through these beautiful renderings and plans for the park. We look forward to adding this wonderful asset to our city and we want to spread the excitement!

Would you like to honor a loved one that served in the military? Click here for the Veterans Park Nameplate Application: Veterans Park Honor Wall Nameplate Application



Park elements are organized to take full advantage of the strong axial view from the corner of Monroe and Halleck Streets. The entrance gateway(1) is flanked by two columns and short walls on either side of the sidewalk. The walls, possibly made of natural stone or brick would include signage identifying Veterans Park. A double row of ornamental trees along the entrance path creates a welcoming view into the park. Species of these trees could include Redbuds, Dogwoods or Serviceberries that provide spectacular seasonal color/ flowering. The wooden pergola(2) provides some shelter and seating opportunities within the events plaza(3). The linear plaza ends at a shallow reflecting pool(4) that mirrors the service, national, state and city flags(5) in a smooth plane of water. During events, the slightly raised platform(6) within the reflecting pool provides an ideal location for a podium or focal point.

A timeline of military engagements (7) runs along the primary arched path. The timeline might include the title of engagement and location engraved onto cast stone pieces inlaid in brick pavers. A secondary arch connects; the existing parking lot, events plaza, and USA themed playground(8). A dense evergreen screen(9) separates recreational park uses to the east and creates enclosure to the lawn area adjacent to the flags. Benches(10) throughout the park provide seating and thoughtful reflection opportunities. A smaller gathering space creates a reflection node (11) off of the path. A secondary entrance from the parking lot includes park signage wall(12) as well as benches for drop-off/ pick-up.